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Starting a New Wedding Marquee Business in Pakistan?

You have just found the Best Wedding Halls and Marquee Manufacture in Pakistan and this is not what we say, Our Customer also say this to us and We Believe You will also also say this Because We provide best services and we Guarantee you that our Product will deliver you peace of mind and business Success.


Great Business Opportunity

According to Pakistan Statistics Bureau, There are 7.3 Crore People who are above 15 Years of age and Never Married. It’s a huge Market for your Wedding Venue Business in Pakistan.

If You have ideal location for building a Wedding hall in Pakistan, We have ideal solution to make your business a Success. We Provide durable, Maintenance free and State of the art Steel Structures and Pre Fabricated steel Building in Pakistan.

Our Promise to You

We Deliver Solid Steel Structure Marquees For you for Wedding halls so they stay on the ground in storm, Hurricane. We Provide Complete Waterproofing so Your Quest Enjoy the event in Rainy Season and We Provide Heat Proofing so you save Bills on Air Conditioning.

We also offer 3 years maintenance Free Guarantee and During this time, If anything happens to your structure, We fix it at no cost to you. So What are you Waiting for? Contact us now for a Free Quote.

What Do you Need

If You are Planning a install a wedding marquee for Wedding Events in Pakistan, You need at least 3-4 Kanal of Land or 20000 Sq Feet of Land which you can Buy or lease.

Secondly, You need a Plan. We Will help you from planning to finishing state as we have helped other Successful businesses like you in the past.

Time and Cost

Installing a Steel Structure for a wedding venue could take Months but with our Expertise and Experience, We manage to reduce the time to 14 days to 20 days depending on Project size.

The Cost for steel structure depends on rate of Steel and Labor costs, Your design, Your Location and Your Plan. 

Best Services for PEB Steel Structure Buildings in Pakistan.